The Arts

Arts at Poppleton Ousebank consists of dance, music and visual art. We recognise that children gain so much from being involved in the arts – not only their skills, but confidence and self-esteem. It can be incredibly supportive for pupils requiring emotional support and for this reason, they are an essential part of our school curriculum.

We take time developing pupils’ drawing and observation skills in Key Stage 1 as well as exploring medium, skills and materials for children to select and apply to pieces of art. We encourage children to practice skills and evaluate their efforts before moving onto finished pieces. In this way, children constantly reflect, tweak and improve their work, developing confidence and a growth mindset. Visual art is an important element of our Open Evenings, enabling pupils to present their work.

As well as class music, children are encouraged to take up a musical instrument. We are proud of the broad range of instrument tuition on offer.

The school has an active school choir that performs at school events and Young Voices. 

Many of our pupils take dance lessons outside of school and in addition, children can learn ‘street dance’ in school. The children bring these experiences into school dance lessons, facilitating the sharing of skills and talents.

Each child in school takes part in two performing opportunities every year – a school production and POPFEST where we showcase dance, drama , music and poetry.

Our Performing Arts are traditionally rounded off at the end of the year with our ‘POPS Got Talent’ show.

Art Curriculum

Music Curriculum