We take our inspiration from the artists of the past and present, from local and international artists and also from different movement and styles. We acknowledge that art is for everyone and that although traditional art was created having mastered a set of specific skills and techniques, art has developed to involve both the artist and the viewer. By discussing art, children develop their critical and creative thinking skills to build their knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques, developing their experience of how they can make a creative response to a variety of stimuli. 

Not only are the skills and techniques sequenced progressively, great thought has gone into the pieces of art themselves so that children build both their knowledge and skills as they move through the school. Art at POPS is aspirational yet accessible for all.

Pupils develop skills in drawing, painting, collage, printing and 3D work. We encourage children to practice skills and evaluate their efforts before making decisions around their choice of materials, colours and techniques to create a finished piece. In this way, children constantly reflect, tweak and improve their work, developing confidence and a growth mindset. 

We take part in local art events and also present Art Challenges for children to take part in.

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