To teach music, we use the Kapow scheme of work. The intention of the Kapow Primary music scheme is first and foremost to help children to feel that they are musical, and to develop a life-long love of music. We focus on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need in order to become confident performers, composers, and listeners. Our curriculum introduces children to music from all around the world and across generations, teaching children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities.

Children will develop the musical skills of singing, playing tuned and untuned instruments, improvising and composing music, and listening and responding to music. They will develop an understanding of the history and cultural context of the music that they listen to and learn how music can be written down. Through music, our curriculum helps children develop transferable skills such as team-working, leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and presentation and performance skills. These skills are vital to children’s development as learners and have a wider application in their general lives outside and beyond school. Kapow Primary’s Music scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of key stage attainment targets outlined in the National curriculum and the aims of the scheme align with those in the National curriculum.

As well as class music, children are encouraged to take up a musical instrument. We are proud of the broad range of instrument tuition on offer.

The school has an active school choir that performs at school events and Young Voices. 

Many of our pupils take dance lessons outside of school and in addition, children can learn ‘street dance’ in school. The children bring these experiences into school dance lessons, facilitating the sharing of skills and talents.

Each child in school takes part in two performing opportunities every year – a school production and POPFEST where we showcase dance, drama , music and poetry.

Our Performing Arts are traditionally rounded off at the end of the year with our ‘POPS Got Talent’ show.

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All pupils have weekly music lessons in class as part of our school curriculum. Sometimes pupils become interested in learning to play an instrument or show a particular talent for music.  At POPS, we use musically trained peripatetic teachers who provide additional music opportunities during the school day. 

Peripatetic staff are visiting teachers who are freelance or employed by a local education authority  to provide lessons in music.

We are fortunate to have a team of music teachers working with us who not only introduce children to playing an instrument, but also lead them through music exams when they are ready.

Pupils can learn to play on their own or in a small group. There is a charge for additional instrumental lessons, and in some circumstances, discounted rates can be arranged for families where their child qualifies for pupil premium funding. For further information, please contact our music teachers -their details are listed below.

Musical instrument tuition on offer in school

Mr M Bousfield, MDB Music

Acoustic guitar

Mr P Richmond, York Classical Guitar School


Mrs J Gibbons

Rock bands

Mr A Crilley and Mr M Dawson – drums, electric and bass guitars and keyboards

Brass & Woodwind (KS2)

Mrs J Hanson, Music in Schools (York)