The Writing Curriculum


At Poppleton Ousebank, we teach writing by following the Literacy tree curriculum. This is a whole book-based approach that places high-quality, children’s literature at the core. We are passionate about children developing pleasure for reading and a love of language. This scheme immerses children into the world of a book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, and provides authentic, meaningful contexts from which pupils are engaged to write. The books we choose are both mirrors, that are reflective of the lives of people in our community and windows into the lives of other people. Through discussion, drama and debate, we enable children to develop empathy and philosophical enquiry.



Writing tasks will be meaningful and authentic and have a clear purpose and audience. Writing in role, using a range of genres is key the approach and the tone and level of formality will always be modelled.

Pupils will have opportunities to write at length, but also engage with shorter tasks that enable them to develop their sense of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and (where relevant) spelling.

Teachers will support pupils to edit their work, before it is marked, through verbal and written feedback.



  • Pupils will leave our school with an enjoyment of reading for pleasure.
  • Pupils will be confident in writing for an intended audience and purpose.
  • Pupils will be able to edit their work effectively.
  • Pupils will be able to apply the correct vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling in their writing.
  • Pupils will have the stamina for writing that will give them a firm foundation for their transition to secondary school.

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