History is the story of people on the planet. It is the human story. The story of everything that people have ever done since recognisable humans first evolved between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago. It is the story of changing human cultures, politics, lifestyles, beliefs and creativity.

In school, we explain that the second something is in the past, it becomes part of history. The past is made up of all the time and events that have already gone by. The organization of history helps us to place it in order. We explain that the things that have happened in the past can be seen as pages in a book. These pages are grouped into chapters based on when and where they took place. All of these chapters are put together into a book of history.

To help children understand chronology, we study more child-centered themes and chapters of history that the children can make sense of linked to their own lives. Eventually, we move away and look at the development of ideas to show how things have changed and developed over time. By understanding our past and where we came from, we hope to better understand where we are now and even decide about what might happen in the future.

Children need to understand:

1. History is studied by historians

2. There are different sources of evidence – primary and secondary

3. History is an interpretation of the past based on the artefacts, evidence and information available.

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