Our Curriculum

The BOLD Curriculum

Our curriculum was designed by the teaching staff of Poppleton Ousebank, in response to our vision, pupil interests, needs, the requirements of the National Curriculum, the location of our school and our community. – we call it ‘The BOLD Curriculum.’

The BOLD Curriculum is structured to provide world-class education that inspires and challenges all learners and prepares them for the future – a curriculum that promotes the fusion of excellence and enjoyment, encouraging children of all abilities to question, be curious and aspire to be amazing. We believe that the greatest gifts a child can receive are an opened mind, a caring heart and ignited creativity. 

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to help children realise their talents and curiosity so that they develop a knowledge and ability within fields of interest that may engage them in a future career. To this end, we develop writers, mathematicians, geographers and scientists to name a few.

Our curriculum not only focuses on subjects, but also on helping pupils to develop emotionally and socially, so that they become empathetic and resilient individuals, demonstrating respect and responsibility for themselves, others and the world around them.

Our approach is based around the acknowledgement that, despite our BOLD Curriculum being progressive and ambitious, our target audience is still children aged between just three and eleven years old. We therefore create learning opportunities to ‘Capture the imagination of young minds’ so that learning is also in response to engagement and personal drive. That is why our curriculum design is creative, relevant and broad; providing a rainbow of academic, sporting and artistic opportunities throughout the year, every year. In this way, not only are we preparing our children for an appreciation of life in ‘Modern Britain’, but actively enabling them to create a future that they perceive for themselves.

Our BOLD Curriculum is built around a carefully constructed group of knowledge, concepts and skills. The bodies of knowledge are planned progressively with ambition at the heart, so that each unit of learning builds on what has gone before. The BOLD Curriculum comprises of two areas of learning:

  • ‘Adventure Learning’ (Core and Foundation subjects) and
  • ‘C.L.I.M.B Learning‘ – Character Lies In My Behaviour, (P.S.H.E – Relationships and sex education, R.E, S.M.S.C, Equality, British Values.)

Aspects of C.L.I.M.B. Learning play an important part in supporting the understanding of subjects within Adventure Learning. The carefully woven links within a subject, across subjects and also across skills and concepts, provide the structure for our BOLD Curriculum, making it challenging and robust.

Although children study relevant knowledge, language and concepts within subjects, their ultimate understanding is reflected in their ability to apply knowledge, manipulate information, answer questions, present their findings and use their comprehension to inform and plan new work. For this reason, Adventure and C.L.I.M.B Learning are supported by a group of skills, identified as the ‘Learning 2 Learn skills’.

If you have any questions regarding our Curriculum, please contact the school.


Our Curriculum Overview by term

Autumn term

Nursery: People
Reception: People
Year 1: Childhood
Year 2: School days
Year 3: The Maya and The History of chocolate
Year 4: The Ancient Egyptians
Year 5: The Anglo-Saxons
Year 6: The Ancient Greeks and Law, Crime and Punishment

Spring term

Nursery: Changes
Reception: Changes
Year 1: Movers and Shakers
Year 2: Magnificent Monarchs
Year 3: Stone Age to Iron Age
Year 4: The Romans
Year 5: The Vikings
Year 6: Natural disasters and a local study

Summer term

Nursery: Place
Reception: Place
Year 1: Wonderful World and Bright Lights, Big City
Year 2: Coastline and comparison with non-european area.
Year 3: Food and Farming
Year 4: Rivers and the Po Valley Region
Year 5: Rainforests and Sustainability
Year 6: World War II