Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was designed by the teaching staff of Poppleton Ousebank, in response to our vision, pupil interests, needs, the requirements of the National Curriculum, the location of our school and our community. We therefore create learning opportunities to ‘Capture the imagination of young minds’ so that learning is also in response to engagement and personal drive. We believe we have a curriculum that is right for the pupils of Poppleton Ousebank. 

We closely follow the National Curriculum and look to meet the specific needs of our own pupils by providing learning that takes into consideration their context and their life experiences. Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire learners by providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. Highly stimulating lessons, a rigorous iterative approach, and a clearly sequenced build up means that our curriculum is accessible to all. 

Our approach is ambitious. We understand the need for children to retain knowledge and build upon prior learning. Our subjects are always taught discretely to ensure our pupils gain strong knowledge and skills through appropriate experiences. We have a 1-year cycle, starting in Early Years, which allows each pupil to cover the full curriculum before they move onto the next phase. This secures a solid build-up of knowledge and skills in each year. We have adopted this approach to ensure that we create better learners who know and remember more.

We do recognise the impact of making schematic links where appropriate and do not look for tenuous links in learning. We believe this will best support their understanding. We prepare each pupil with the necessary attributes, skills and knowledge they need for the next step in their academic journey.

If you have any questions regarding our Curriculum, please contact the school.