Design Technology

Design Technology

Design Technology at Poppleton Ousebank enables pupils to learn about the designed and made world and how things work whilst providing pupils with the knowledge, opportunities and inspiration to design and make functional products for a real purpose and intended user.

Our Design Technology curriculum follows the National Curriculum and ensures that pupils develop their disciplinary knowledge of design, construction and evaluation alongside their substantive technical knowledge of:

  • cooking and nutrition 
  • mechanisms and mechanical systems 
  • structures and textiles
  • electrical systems 
  • the digital world 

Our curriculum begins in Early Years and develops knowledge through small, carefully sequenced steps. We recognise the nature of design and technology as an evaluative subject and we ensure that pupils draw upon previous knowledge from other disciplines, such as mathematics and science, to support their learning in design and technology. The sequencing of our curriculum allows children repeated opportunities to revisit and build upon prior learning and apply their knowledge in order to create increasingly sophisticated products for their own needs and wants alongside the needs, wants and values of others.

We utilise the Kapow Design Technology scheme of work to support our intent and implementation. It supports effective teaching and learning through the provision of high-quality resources, including medium-term planning and subject knowledge enhancement. 

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