What is SEND?

SEND stands for special educational needs and disability.

A child or young person may have special educational needs  if they experience difficulties when learning or have a disability that means they need additional support in the classroom to support their access to education.

Every child or young person may experience challenges with their learning at some point. For most, these difficulties are often overcome with support from teachers and parents at home. However, for some, they may need extra help or provision  to help them access the same learning opportunities as other pupils.

Some children may have SEND because of a medical condition or disability, other children may have SEND without a diagnosis or disability.

Children are not considered to have SEND just because their first language is not English, although some children where English is a second language may also have SEND.

A child or young person aged from 0 to 25 years old is said to have special educational needs or a disability if they:

  • have a learning difficulty or disability which makes it much harder for them to learn than the majority of other pupils of the same age
  • require special educational provision to be made for them because they have a disability that prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) can affect a child’s:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise, for example they struggle to make friends
  • reading and writing, for example because they have dyslexia
  • ability to understand things
  • concentration levels, for example because they have ADHD
  • physical ability


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) offer, and support for your child at Poppleton Ousebank Primary School.

All teachers in school are leaders of SEND – they take responsibility for your child’s learning, meeting their needs and ensuring that they are safe and happy in school. We also have a specialist leader of SEND called a SENCO.
Our SENCO is Mrs Carli Bean (Currently Mr Godfrey – covering MAT leave)

All schools are different, and for this reason, a school SEND Report outlines the SEND provision that they provide for pupils. Please see our SEND Information Report for information on the special needs provision in our school.

SEND Annual Information Report 2023/24

If you are worried about your child and their learning,  please talk to their class teacher. They will discuss your concerns and share them with the current SENCO, Mr Godfrey.

Our SENCO works in partnership with the Lead Trust SENCO, Mrs Fiona Hunter, who ensures there is an equitable SEND offer across the Trust.

The Designated SEND Governor is Mr Alan Park and he can be contacted via the School Office. Our SEND governor works in partnership with the school SENCO to ensure that we meet statutory requirements and spend our allocated budget to support pupils with additional needs. The full governing body receives regular reports from the school SENCO.


Our Equal Opportunities policy outlines the expected support for all pupils with SEND at Poppleton.

York SEND Local Offer Website:


Parent introduction to supporting children with SEND.

School Accessibility Plan

Schools vary widely in how accessible they are to individual pupils. Because of this, every school must have a school accessibility plan, which shows how they plan to improve accessibility for special educational needs pupils – and when these improvements will be made.

The school regularly reviews and updates the Accessibility Plan to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all pupils.

To read our SEND Policy please visit Our Policies page.


Supporting pupils with SEND on school trips, residentials and other school experiences

As part of our curriculum, trips, residentials and other experiences are planned to enhance pupils’ learning and promote pupil development. We encourage all pupils with SEND to take part in additional activities and make adaptations to meet pupils needs and increase accessibility as much as we can. This is a real strength of the school.


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Supporting children with Autism

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