Safeguarding is a central function of any school and our ‘culture of vigilance’ is embedded to ensure that we protect children, families and staff linked to our school community. Safeguarding is not simply ‘Child Protection’, it involves the safe employment of staff, the education of staff to keep children and themselves safe, raising the awareness of how children can keep themselves safe and ensuring that they know where to go and what to do should they need help. The partnerships between school and families and other agencies in protecting our community are important and for this reason, we have clear reporting arrangements and honest rapports amongst stakeholders.

We recognise that keeping our community safe involves raising awareness to the risks outside of school – e-safety, pedestrian training and PREVENT to name a few.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and as lovely as our school is, ‘it could happen here.’ If you have concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing, you can email Mrs Mitchinson – our Designated Safeguarding Officer or contact her by calling school. Concerns are treated with the utmost sensitivity and using the information, we can establish any risks that may place a child or family in danger.

Outside of school – where there are significant immediate concerns about the safety of a child, you should contact the police on 999. 

If you believe the situation is urgent but does not require the police, please call 01904 551900 to contact the MASH to discuss your concerns.

Keeping our children safe

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