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School Policies

Accessibility Policy

Behaviour Policy and Local Procedures

Supporting Students with English as an Additional Language


Hope Sentamu Learning Trust Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy (Under review with Resources Committee – November 2022)

Behaviour Policy and Local Procedures (Under review with Trust Board – December 2022)

CCTV Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Data Protection (UK GDPR) Policy (Under review with Resources Committee – November 2022)

Equality Objectives

Exclusion Policy (Under review with Standards Committee – December 2022)

First Aid Policy

Freedom of Information Policy & Publication Scheme

GDPR Privacy Notice – Parents and Carers

GDPR Privacy Notice – Students

GDPR Privacy Notice – Members / Trustees / Governors (Currently under review)

Health and Safety Policy (Currently under review)

Protection of Biometric Data Statement

Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education Policy

SEND Policy (Currently under review)

Subject Access Request Policy and Procedures (Currently under review)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions and Administering Medication Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


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