Music tuition

All pupils have weekly music lessons in class as part of our school curriculum. Sometimes pupils become interested in learning to play an instrument or show a particular talent for music.  At POPS, we use musically trained peripatetic teachers who provide additional music opportunities during the school day. 

Peripatetic staff are visiting teachers who are freelance or employed by a local education authority  to provide lessons in music.

We are fortunate to have a team of music teachers working with us who not only introduce children to playing an instrument, but also lead them through music exams when they are ready.

Pupils can learn to play on their own or in a small group. There is a charge for additional instrumental lessons, and in some circumstances, discounted rates can be arranged for families where their child qualifies for pupil premium funding. For further information, please contact our music teachers -their details are listed below.


Musical instrument tuition on offer in school


Mr M Bousfield, MDB Music

Acoustic guitar

Mr P Richmond, York Classical Guitar School


Mrs J Gibbons

Rock bands

Mr A Crilley and Mr M Dawson – drums, electric and bass guitars and keyboards

Brass & Woodwind (KS2)

Mrs J Hanson, Music in Schools (York)