The Sciences

Science – Physics, biology and chemistry

Science is at the core of understanding the world’s past, present and future and our place within it. To show children the world through the lens of science is to equip our children with skills needed to live and be a part of an ever-changing planet. At Poppleton Ousebank Primary School, we recognise the importance of experiencing the joys of Science and understanding its application in every aspect of daily life. As a school keen to foster curiosity about their world, we focus on the scientific concepts as well as the practical aspects of science, promoting discussion and dialogue, encouraging children to ask questions and explain. We encourage pupils to use a range of methods to communicate their scientific findings and present it in a systematic, scientific manner, including annotated diagrams, graphs, concept maps and using ICT. Throughout, we endeavour to ensure that the Science curriculum our children experience is exciting and innovative as well as building core skills and knowledge.

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Physical Education

Poppleton Ousebank Primary School is committed to the highest quality of provision for sports across the school. We work in partnership with York Schools Sports Partnership, Total Sports, Belinda Turnbull Tennis, Dance Factory, Merton Sports, Dame Darcy Bussell DDMIX, York Taekwondo and Netball coaching. Through partnerships we participate in both training and development, inter-school and regional competitions enabling pupils from both Key Stages to participate in both fun and competitive sports. School staff also provide coaching for football, cricket and gymnastics and swimming is part of the Year 4 sports curriculum.

We use our Sports Grant to ensure that children have access to a range of resources, coaches and competitions. Total Sports provide quality sporting cover during PPA time for staff, ensuring a consistent approach across the school.

Our children also attend local clubs and groups for football, cricket, gymnastics, rugby, athletics, swimming, karate, horse riding and tennis.

Children in Year 4 and 6 also take part in school residentials with outdoor pursuits and walking planned as core experiences.

The children are enthusiastic about the wealth of opportunities open to them and are aware of the importance of exercise and following a healthy lifestyle.


Our Computing curriculum  is designed to equip pupils with the necessary skills to be successful in life. At the heart of our Computing delivery, pupils are given the opportunity to develop their communication and problem solving skills which are transferable skills in the professional world. These skills are developed through a range of learning outcomes, where children are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers, a skill which is sought after in any professional climate.

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Design Technology

We aim to provide children with a DT education that is relevant in our rapidly changing world. Through our design and technology curriculum we aspire for our pupils to think both differently and critically. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to discover what is possible through designing and making innovative products. We strive to push the limits and ask children to use their research to design and solve problems. Through our DT curriculum we ensure that pupils have opportunities to work with a wide range of mediums: textiles, food, woodwork and mechanisms.

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